4 Day Full Body

Review: Ended up running this for 3 cycles instead of more - tweaked something in my shoulder, which made all the overhead work near impossible for a while.

Overall, it was a nice cycle and a nice change of pace - good to do some more volume in there for a bit, and I may bump it up again in november when i know i'll be in one place for a while!


Over the last couple years, my focus has moved away from exercising quite a bit, and been spending most of my daily energy on programming and other life stuff. As a result of this, my programs have become quite low volume and low intensity - which I've compensated for by increasing the frequency. But every now and again, I want a little more oomph!

This program should serve that purpose!


Each day is fullbody-ish... pairing upper body push with lowerbody pull, and upper body pull with lower body push.

Each workout has three sections:

  1. Strength piece / Primary exercise
  2. Accessory Exercise
  3. Volume work

The strength piece uses a structure I've had in my repertoire for close to a decade now - 3 sets: one heavy; one medium; one light. Heavy: 3-5 (or 5-7 if legs) reps. Medium: 7-10 (or 9-12 if legs) reps. Light: 12-15 (or 15+ if legs) reps.

Pick a weight that allows you to hit the bottom end of the heavy range for an exercise. For the other sets, the weight depends on that first one:

less than 100kg = -10kg/set

less than 200kg = -20kg/set

more than 200kg = -40kg/set

When you reach the top rep range on the light set, increase the weight by 5-10kg

Progression for the accessory and volume work is pretty straight forward, add reps each workout if possible, add weight when I hit the top rep range (or when I feel it's appropriate).

These should take about 25-35 mins to finish, including the warm up.

I'll probably run this for 5 or so cycles.


Day 1

  1. Over head press: @80kg, @70kg, @60kg (180s)
  2. Wide grip behind the neck press: 3x10-12 (60s)

superset (x2)(0s):

  1. Chest Fly: triple rest pause @15kg
  2. Nordic Back extensions: triple rest pause

Day 2

  1. Front Squat: @110kg, @90kg, @70kg (180s)
  2. Rear foot elevated split squats: 3x10-12 (90s)

superset (x2)(0s):

  1. Ring Row: Max reps
  2. Hammer curl: Max reps
  3. V-Ups

Day 3

  1. Dips: @+40kg, @+20kg, @bw (180s)
  2. Weighted ring push ups: 3x10-12 (60s)

superset (x2)(0s):

  1. Nordic Hamstring Curls: triple rest pause
  2. Lateral raises: triple rest pause

Day 4

  1. Single Arm pull up: @-7.5kg, @-17.5kg, regular pullup @bw (180s)
  2. Barbbell Row: 3x10-12 (60s)

superset (x2)(0s):

  1. Sissy Squat: xMax
  2. Hanging Leg Raise: xMax
  3. DB Curl: xMax