Three Circuits

I've actually been doing this routine for a few weeks now, but I forgot to write about it (something about blogging not being second nature... yet!).

It's a simple structure: 1 day on, 1 day off, ad nauseam. I'm also chucking in some long and slow cardio on off days - a 5km run with a friend. Each circuit is ran through three times, and the goal is to incrementally increase the reps across all three, until I hit my self prescribed rep ceiling, at which point I increase the weight.

These seem to be taking between 25-35 minutes depending on how energetic i'm feeling.

Quite simple. Quite straight forwards.

Day 1

  1. Overhead Press: 3-5@80kg
  2. Pendlay Row: 3-5@100kg
  3. Front Squat: 3-5@110kg
  4. V-Ups: 15+ @bw

Day 2

  1. Weighted Parrallet push up: 8-10@+25kg
  2. Pull up: 10-12 @bw
  3. Stiff leg deadlift: 12-14@100kg
  4. Standing Ab Wheel roll out: 3-5@purple band

Day 3

  1. DB Curls: 6-8@15kg
  2. DB Skull crushers: 6-8@15kg
  3. Glute bridge/clam shell duo: 15,14,13,12....3,2,1
  4. Hardstyle Plank: 10 breaths