Three Circuits 2

So this is a slight evolution of the last set up - with a little more volume checked in, and a clearly separation of focus on each session.

The basic set up is:

  1. Strength day: Double progression method
  2. Bodybuilding Day: Tripple rest pause method (DC Style)
  3. Uni-lateral (balance) Day: Quality work

Day 1

  1. Overhead Press: 3-5@80kg
  2. Pendlay Row: 3-5@100kg
  3. Front Squat: 3-5@110kg
  4. Standing Ab wheel roll out: 3-5 @medium band x3 rounds (45s between each exercise)

Day 2

  1. Lateral raises
  2. DB Fly
  3. Parallette push up
  4. Neutral grip pull up
  5. Band Pull apart
  6. DB Curl
  7. Sissy Squat x1 rounds - continuous circuit

Day 3

  1. Single arm KB Swing
  2. Rear foot elevated split squat
  3. Turkish Getup