NFT Game Asset Ownership

One of the promises that NFT's seek to fulfils in the context of gaming - is ownership over in game content. I was thinking about this today as League Of Legends released some new skins, and I can't help but wonder what the implications of that are.

Say i purchase a LoL in game skin as an NFT, and Riot bans me from playing LoL: i can do.... what? Are there other games that promise interoperability for that skin? Unlikely. Can i sell that skin on a secondary market and at least make some value back? Probably.

These thoughts are still not fully formed, but here they are anyway:

What NFT's are UNLIKELY to unlock

  1. Game interoperability.

    • The incentive for developers to actually implement interoperability seems low, at least at the start. There's a potential future where some developers hack user adoption by making their game compatible with existing game's NFTs, but i imagine that this would seriously limit the creativity that developers could express in their games.
  2. Being able to play a game if a developer decides to boot you from the platform.

What NFT's are LIKELY to unlock

  1. A new genre of games (e.g Axie Infinity and other NFT based games with their own tokenomics), with different funding models for the developers.
  2. Secondary markets for traditional game content (e.g sell your skin from LoL).
  3. Meta-communities around games
    • e.g: gamers with NFTs chatting on their communication medium of choice, or coming together and creating derivative content/games based on their in-game assets
    • This might even negate the first bullet point in the UNLIKELY section - as this creates de facto interoperability through composability.