Loot Project

loot Project is an NFT project which randomly generates a list (bag) of gear (loot) and stores it on chain. There are a limited (2,540) amount of bags.

The project launched with absolutely no details as to what people could do with their bags of loot, but quickly, owners started generating projects around the loot NFTs, which any loot holder could participate in.


There’s an interesting idea in here: a simple token with some metadata, which games can be created on top of. As it stands, the Loot Project has been adding it’s own little games on top of the first drop, but as the user generated projects show - anyone can create one! Imagine a card game where users buy (mint) a back of cards (NFTs) which can then be used to play any type of game built on top of it.

An interesting spin, and one which doesn’t fall prey to the current cash-grab driven NFT world, is where the mint stays open, and anyone can generate a pack of cards for the same price for as long as the contract exists - people could generate art on top of those cards (and this art could be limited edition, fulfilling the current cultural desire for rewarding early adopters), as well as games.

Loot meets Pokémon trading card game.